Monday, November 16, 2009

What do you think of these baby names?

my middle name is Camelia and my fiance is Kamar. cute baby names? only spelled Kamelia and Kamar

What do you think of these baby names?
Yeah they are cute baby names..... are you considering putting them together as first %26amp; middle? Or Kamelia for a girl and Kamar for a boy? If this is the case what middle names have you picked out?

Kamelia Kamar for a girl is cute or

Kameron Kamar for a boy or girl.
Reply:really like the names and wish u best of luck Report It

Reply:Yes very cute!
Reply:sound very cute together!

I am a mother of 3 small girls. I just love the idea you have with the names. I wish you luck.

Reply:That's fine.
Reply:They aren't ordinary or common, that's for sure. Go for it.
Reply:I like them! But be sure to plan out what you will call them for short!
Reply:I LIKE THEM!!!
Reply:They're both nice names. I think I'd stick with the "C" spelling of Kamelia though.
Reply:I think Kamar sounds like a gay man's name.

Are you quite certain.....
Reply:Cute way to combine both names together and add sentimental value to a special new little person's name! I think it's cool when you can do that.

You could also go with Amelia.

Best of luck
Reply:kimron or jamar

wht about kimalia
Reply:they are very nice. i absolutely love them!!


How old you think i must merried?i have 25,no boyfriend.?

myname is camelia.i work on passenger ships.

How old you think i must merried?i have 25,no boyfriend.?
Um...spelling and grammar... what did you say? At any rate, get married when you want. It's your life.
Reply:Well I wouldn't worry about it at only 25.

Just make sure that you get enough shore leave to find a boyfriend.
Reply:Now is about the right time to start dating.. 26-28 is about right for marriage. Because after 30, the risks associated with having a baby is very much higher.
Reply:Hi there

The ideal age range for me is from 26 to 33. But it really does depend on the mental age of the individual and of course the person you are going to marry. Lots of things keep a marriage together. Love is the biggest bond but there are others.


Reply:I don't think age matters really. Not like it used to years ago. My parents married at 20 but that's not very normal nowadays and waiting in your mid thirties is not out of the ordinary. You get married when you meet the right person and the time feels right. That's about it really. Only you know when it feels right but don't put added pressure on yourself. 25 is no age at all.
Reply:There is no age on getting married.One day you will meet the right person %26amp; before you know it you will be married.Good Luck
Reply:spell check
Reply:No rush to get married.

Maybe you should try to have a boyfriend first. Or girlfriend (can't make assumptions these days).

Look for someone you WANT to spend your life with, don't get so desperate you settle for anyone who will have you.
Reply:ages won't matter when it comes to marriage or partner as long as you still nice in bed in doing sex.
Reply:You are too young! Just be patient!
Reply:Do whatever you WANT to do!!

I'm not married and older than you - and my other female friend is older than me and MUCH happier without a man complicating her life!!

Best of luck!
Reply:What you on about?
Reply:there is no age limit to getting married ,you have to be alive and there has to be somebody that says --I do .

that is all that is needed
Reply:I don't know where you are from, but I noticed that English isn't your first language. My friend was telling me that when she was in America she read somewhere that a woman of 102 was marrying a man of 96, so you have your whole life in order to get married. Also in the next decade I think women will be starting their families in their fifties, once our societies have got over ageism. Scientist say it is possible to delay the menopause or stop it completely, so you will not even have to worry about when you should have children.

I personally would say that 25 is far to young to even think about marriage, I don't know if in your country people get married young, but where I am from it is getting later and later and it will continue to do so. Also so many people just cohabitate these days, they don't even bother getting married because these days there is so much divorce it is hardly worth it.

So you are still young, think about having fun and boy friends but you certainly don't have to think about a long term relationship yet.
Reply:There is no age limits for getting married. Dont push to hard in looking for one...who knows...some dude might drop in front of u. Marriage will come when u both think it's the right time. Other then that...just be happy...and since ur working on a passenger ships...u sure will meet lots of guys luck and cheer up!
Reply:sorry cannot help looks like have long way to go
Reply:Im 28 and not married.Theres more to life than marriage.Be independent,have a life and when you are ready it will happen !
Reply:have you heard of GED?? enroll in that program first, before you worry about a husband
Reply:this day and age, that's normal. i don't plan on marrying until i have a well established career, somewhere in my mid 30's or so.
Reply:as people are living far longer these days i read yesterday somewhere that 60 is the new 40 so people are not keen on marrying early and enjoying their younger years .whatever happens i would not rush into marrying as you have to find the right person otherwise you could end up with a boring marriage with someone you hate. personally i dont care if i ever marry I'm a 27 year old male and the word commitment makes me feel like running straight into the sunset
Reply:hello camelia,come to me i will marry u
Reply:hi, thats an interesting question! lol! 20/F wondering the same thing... holla back

How did my rose bushes cross pollinate?

I have 3 bushes about 5 feet from each other and all of whom are near a camelia. One is a regular type long stem, bush variety, purple/pink in color. One is a climbing, cluster, english type rose, white in color. Then I have one that is also a climber but of long stem variety, red in color. I moved the long stem climber to a trellis on the front of the house but left the other (white %26amp; purple) where they are. Otherwise the white %26amp; purple had been in ground together for 2 years and the red was there for about a year before I moved it. This is where I get confused. The roses are all doing great, a little black spot but nothing that cant be handled; growing like crazy. Well I noticed that off of a new shoot my white cluster was budding red roses! Not only that but my long stem red had a single white bud on it albeit alot smaller than its normal bud. I waited to see what I thought would be red english type roses bloom but instead what bloomed was a rose more like a shrub rose but not....

How did my rose bushes cross pollinate?
those who tell you about rootstock are right on the money.... get rid of the odd rose branch clear down to where it comes from on the plant or it will take over and your 'good' rose will die..... note that the leaves are a little different and the stem is a little different and there's more or less thorns on that odd color rose.... then keep watch on the plant for any that pop up again.....

the rootstock roses can be nice, but that's not what you paid for, right?.... here's a picture of the red rootstock that's used a lot... Dr.Huey...look like your red one?..

white ones could come from this kind of stock.. the multiflora wild roses....

these rootstocks give the upper plant a lot more 'grow-ability', so they are a good thing.... just not what you want to see in your rose garden if you grow 'hybrid teas'..... *smile*........
Reply:Mother nature is very clever, enjoy your roses whatever the colour
Reply:Bees! =) My yellow Roses had a touch of Red last year - from my red Climbing Rose. =)
Reply:Bees do that free of charge. But, it usually takes a few years.
Reply:Two thoughts.......but first I'm not sure exactly where this changling happened. If it is coming from low down, like from the ground, then what you are seeing is the root stock. Most modern roses are grafted onto a more vigorous root stock. The grower (you) must be mindful of any new growth that comes from below this graft as it is the root variety which is almost always more vigorous than the top selected variety and will eventually overrun the top. One of the most used root stock is Dr. Huey with is a red climber. Remedy is to dig down and remove the sucker back where it originated below.

The second thought is you have a sport.......that is a mutation. This occurs within the plant. Not surprisingly, this is how many new roses came into being. The sport or mutation was vegetatively propagated to make sure it remained steady and didn't revert back to the original plant. If steady and deemed worthy for production, a new rose was born. However, sometimes insect feeding can cause some weird miscoloring either directly or by passing on a virus into the plant.

Mostly I'm thinking you are getting suckers up through your plant. Time to get down to ground level and dig around and see who is from the roots and who is from the graft.
Reply:just enjoy the bonus. it happens spontaneously sometimes. it usually takes years to see blooms though.

however, from what you describe I suspect the following has occurred.

A lot of roses are not grown on their own roots but are grafted onto a hardier wild ( shrub type!) rose.

I suspect you are getting shoots that are coming from that rootstock and this is what you are seeing.

If you like them then let it be.
Reply:This is nothing to do with cross-pollination. That would result in brand new plants growing from seed -- not shoots of a different color on the same plant.

It is likely that, like most cultivated roses, the plants are grafted onto roots from a different type. The roots of some cultivated roses are weak so breeders graft them onto strong wild roots to make them grow better. Check where the new growth is coming from. if it is from below the ground level or below the graft junction you are getting the flowers from the root. Cut it off! It will grow more strongly than the cultivated roes and eventually kill it.

Scaring off birds in our trees?

We have a very old Camelia tree and was so excited to see it flower since we bought our new house, however our excitement turned to frustration as the local Butcher Birds started to eat all the new flowers. Now it looks like a mess of half eaten flowers. How can we scare them away. Will hanging shiny things off the branches help?

Scaring off birds in our trees?
That is the way of wildlife. God didn't just make the trees and flowers for us he also made them for the animal kingdom....and they eat them.

If you choose to disrupt the ability for the birds to feed on the trees I would suggest a couple of things. Buy some life like rubber snakes and hang them in the trees making sure that they don't blow out in the wind.


Wild Republic - 72 Inch Rubber Green Tree Snake

This yellowed bellied green tree snake weights a full 2.5 pounds. He measures 6 feet and is made from a rubber like material. Great for fun or in the garden to keep pests away!$15.99

The other is one of the animated owls.

Open link below see photo

Scarecrow Owl With Rotating Head 19in. High

Scares pesky squirrels, rabbits, gophers and birds! Realistic, hand-painted owl replica is 19in.H. Effective on garden posts, rooftops, boats, docks and wherever pests are a problem. Owl...$20.99
Reply:Let nature take its course.

I dont know which name to choose! Some opinions please!?

I think i am pregnant, and it will be a really happy time for me. Me and my fiance wrote some names down but i cant decide, i am not even sure i found the perfect name. What do you think?

GIRLS:Abril, Angel, Beatrice, Camelia,

Clearice, Brianna, Karina, Kayla, Kacy, Karla

BOYS: Anthony, Cezar, Cristian, Alexis, Kevin, Diego, Julio, Fernando,ROBERT.

I dont know which name to choose! Some opinions please!?
I notice that you have ROBERT in caps... is that the favored name?... or dads name...? I also notice you have a few latino names in the boys names... Robert could then be Roberto...

Angel could be Angelita. My great grandmother wanted my gramma to name my mom Clarice or Clarece. My gramma didn't like the name, so compromised to Carol...though greatG still called her Clarece. My neighbor's daughter is Kacie (Kacie Anne) She just gave birth a few months ago... her daughter is Maddison. Such a cutie!

Out of your list, I like:

Girl: Brianna

Boy: Anthony... (although I like Antonio better)

Either way, it's you both that need to be happy with what you choose. I'm sure whichever it will be, will be perfect. If you are pregnant, which I hope you are... Congratulations to you both %26amp; good luck %26amp; fun choosing a name!

(My brothers %26amp; I all have the same 3 initials in our names... my brothers names are Kevin %26amp; Kris...mine also starts with a K...but it's a Hawaiian name. Middle names start w/K...last names start w/K)
Reply:Oh dear god. Please tell me that Abril is just a typo for April. I am not a fan of naming children after months of the year, but naming her after a month in Spanish? Que lastima!

Clearice? Did you mean Clarice? I really hope so. I can just see all of the Clear ice jokes forming now.

I cannot even fathom Cezar! Because using an "s" is just too common? (note heavy sarcasim)

Camelia is a very pretty name for a girl and Fernando is a nice strong name for a boy as is Anthony.

Good luck.
Reply:I like brianna and Anthony there unique.
Reply:I'm not crazy about any of the girl's names. I would pick Kevin or Diego for a boy.
Reply:um thnking brianna or kayla or karla and if a boy... anthony or robert wat ever u do dont go with julio... people will call him a border hopper
Reply:i think Beatrice and kayla are nice for gurls


for buys

i think Kevin and Cezar

is nice =)

Reply:kacy and cristian or anthony
Reply:I quite like Beatrice. Beatrice Abril is a nice combination. I'm not wild about Karina, but Kerensa/Karensa is a similar name that is really quite uncommon and interesting.

For a boy, I'd use Diego. Diego Anthony has some real flair. Anthony Diego is nice, too.

Good luck!
Reply:what about Beyonca for a girl? otherwise i like katrina and kevin or anthony
Reply:i like kevin for the boys =] its a great name
Reply:First off, CONGRATS! Alright, now that I have that out of my system...hmmm...lemme think.

For a girl, I choose....Kacy. All the rest just seem too common to me. I live in NY and I know too many Angels and Camelias and Karlas, etc. I really love the name Kacy.

For a boy, I choose...Robert. For the same reason as with Kacy. Its a nice name.

So overall, I've come up with Kacy and Robert. I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy.
Reply:Out of the girl names I only like Beatrice. Brianna, Karina, Kayla and Kacy are kind of artificial. They sound like stage names for mediocre pop singers (IMO).

For boys, Anthony, Alexis and Kevin are good. Cezar is a terrible name especially when it's misspelled (even intentionally).
Reply:kayla or Beatrice for a girl

kevin or robert for a boy

they are cute names
Reply:I like: Kevin, Robert, Brianna, Karina

Do you mean Claurice? If so, that name is nice too.

I vote no to Angel and Cezar
Reply:Well all the names are kinda stupid but i have some names:

GIRLS: Autumn,Lori,Kaila,Dominque,Wynter,Summer... BOYS: Jwan,Wayne,Kevin,Deago,Simon,Dameon,Donn...

Thats all!
Reply:Karina and Cezar !
Reply:I like Brianna for a girl.
Reply:Kayla and Kevin. Nice, normal, non-made up names
Reply:Brianna and Kevin
Reply:Girls: Kayla or Kacy

Boys: Christian, kevin, or robert


Christian Robert

Kayla Karina

Kayla Beatrice

Kacy Camelia

Kevin Robert
Reply:find out the meaning of these names and see how it corresponds to with you and your husband name for instance my name means to be victorious with strenth and both of my kids names have meanings that are similar
Reply:Girls: I like Camelia and Brianna the most of the list..

Boys: I don't really care that much for any of them but Cristian would be my favorite.
Reply:Abril, Beatrice, clearice, Cezar (salad), fernando are not good choices.

the rest are okay tho.

flower deliveries

WTF nooses are making a comeback ??????

Jena 6... and a few days ago a noose was found under a professor's door at columbia university. Is america regressing ? What da hell ....That **** belongs to the the past in Jim Crow law america . We shouldn''t have to deal with that injustice in 2007. MLK fought to hard ...sacrificed so much and we're killing him twice. These people need to be punished. It's a HATE CRIME people. Such actions shouldn't be acceptable. What is going on ....It's a shame that the same mistakes we did in the past are recurring to us. When will we open our minds and accept each other ? When will we be citizens of humanity ? We need take care of the real terrorists who are harrassing America. The KKK, The Aryan Brothers, Aryan Nations, American Nazi Party, National Vanguard,knights of the White Camelia the murderers, drug dealers, poverty, poor healthcare,racism...these are the real threats aginst America. We're in iraq....and soon will pack our bags and get out of there......

WTF nooses are making a comeback ??????
The noose is begining to replace the Elephant as the symbol of the National Socialist Party
Reply:Why is 6 people beating 1 person not a hate crime or attempted murder. All people in the united states have to right to express themselves no matter how stupid they are.
Reply:I agree with you. I think as a whole our society has come along way, but as recent events have shown we have aways to go yet. But regardless of how far we advance there will always be a few ignorant, bigots, racists and uneducated people in the country and the world. But more and more the vast majority of all races, including whites are speaking out against this idiotic and harmful conduct.
Reply:People don't have a RIGHT not to be hated.

You see a noose, I see a rope.

You can choose to enable the intent of the person leaving the noose or you can choose not to.

I choose not to.
Reply:Simply trying to figure out what some ignorant hate filled individuals in the US have to do with WMD's in Iraq.
Reply:Of course you do not mention the bloods, crips ect. You are just one hate filled racist.

I want a job in Kansas City like a cooker?

My name is Ionela-Camelia Danila and im from Romania.My job here is cooker but all what i want is to learn and work in Kansas City and to lets call this STEAL something on the american kitchen.I love to laugh and feel good and to live every second of my life wonderfull with my friends.

I want a job in Kansas City like a cooker?
This is Craigslist for Kansas City, Missouri - and I have it cued to the food service jobs advertised. There is no cost to use Craigslist and if you can't find a job you want, then post one of your own that you are looking to work in a kitchen to learn more about American cooking :)

Good luck!
Reply:I'm sure if you ask somehere and not here ....duh